1.300 km in the process of electrification


During 2015-2026 Aarsleff will bring the national electrification project to realisation. Aarsleff designs masts and foundations and carries out the installation works in the field. The work includes installation of the transformer stations supplying power to the catenary system.

A consortium between Aarsleff and Siemens (EPAS) carries out the electrification of the Danish railway network. The work consists of 10 sections of railway in Jutland, on Zea­land, Falster and Lolland. The first section Esbjerg-Lunderskov (2x57 km and 3 trans­former stations) was opened for traffic in August 2017 and we are currently working on the sections Copenhagen-Ringsted (2x60 km and 4 transformer stations) and Køge Nord-Næstved (45 km and 2 transformer stations).


The following sections are:

Ringsted-Næstved (2x28 km and 4 transformer stations)

Næstved-Holeby (2x87 km and 7 transformer stations)

Roskilde-Kalundborg (112 km and 4 transformer stations)

Fredericia-Aarhus (2x109 km and 6 transformer stations)

Aarhus-Aalborg (2x140 km and 9 transformer stations)

Vejle-Struer (130 km and 7 transformer stations) and

Aalborg-Frederikshavn (85 km and 5 transformer stations).


Design and production of foundations and masts

Aarsleff’s Design & Engineering department has designed foundations, anchor founda­tions as well as masts and portals in co-operation with Rambøll Denmark A/S. Centrum Pæle A/S has produced the foundations. Corten steel was chosen for the masts as it is an environmentally friendly material and requires a minimum of maintenance.  


New method for test excavations

In September 2015 Aarsleff Rail A/S and Per Aarsleff A/S, Piling division started carrying out the first test excavations of several thousands at the locations for the foundations for the catenary masts. On the first section we have carried out 2,100 test excavation holes.

The test excavation holes are crucial due to the fact that there are utility cables along the railway lines which are also vital for the operation of the railway and the exact position of these cables is not always known.

We carry out the test excavations with a huge vacuum excavator which sucks up the soil from the holes. During the process the cables are located by photograph and measurement. Then a rail-bound excavator backfills and compacts the soil in the hole.  

Heavy foundations

The steel masts that carry the catenary system are placed on driven concrete foundations. The precast foundations weigh up to 3.4 tons each and the handling is done with special equipment designed and built by Aarsleff.

The foundations are installed by driving which is a fast and efficient process used by Aarsleff for many years. During the last 20 years Aarsleff has installed 51,000 driven foundations along the Polish railway network.


Installation of the contact wires

When the masts have been mounted, the installation of the catenary components and contact wires commences. Initially the return conductor and feeder wire are installed. Then the cantilevers are fixed to the masts and the contact wire is pulled. After this process the droppers are pro­duced and mounted. Finally the system is fine-tuned and is ready for test.

As for all railway projects risk assessment and railway safety is an im­portant part of the planning. On most of the sections all installations take place at night in order not to disturb the train service. 


New machines

Aarsleff has developed and invested in a line of new specialised ma­chines for the project. Among others two new piling rigs to install the founda­tions and a complete catenary train consisting of 7 vehicles including a wire installation machine and a number of rail-bound lifts.



  • foundations 18,600 pcs
  • masts 17,200 pcs
  • contact wire 1,750 km
  • catenary wire 1,900 km
  • feeder wire 1,400 km
  • droppers 195,000 pcs
  • transformer stations 51 pcs





Type of contract

Design and build



EPAS (Electrification Programme Aarsleff Siemens)
consisting of Per Aarsleff Holding A/S, Siemens AG and Siemens AS



Centrum Pæle A/S
Ib Andresen Industri A/S
Europten Deutschland GmbH



Sweco Danmark A/S

Rambøll A/S


Construction period



UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640