First electric train

to Esbjerg


On Sunday August 6 the electrified railway line from Esbjerg to Lunderskov was officially opened. The section is the first of several lines in Denmark to be electrified by the consortium EPAS (Electrification Programme Aarsleff/Siemens). The opening had all the traditional elements; a special train, live music and light refreshments, invited guests and speeches. The weather was good and many had taken the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the first electric train on the section.


CEO of Aarsleff Rail, Thomas Mollerup, said in his speech that he was “proud of the results of the many months’ of hard work on the line.” At times as many as 50 workers had been working on the project, mostly during night time. Thomas Mollerup apologised to the neighbours along the line for the noise created and hoped to be forgiven for disturbing their sleep at night.


“With the opening of the section Esbjerg-Lunderskov, our work with electrification moves on to other parts of the Danish rail network. I look forward to employ the know-how we have acquired here,” Thomas Mollerup said, before he concluded his speech with congratulating the neighbours on their new railway.


The day after the opening the first electric trains were arriving and departing Esbjerg station.


More information on the electrification programme.

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