Aarsleff Rail signs

light rail contract in Copenhagen

Trackwork and trains for the new light rail in Copenhagen will be provided by Aarsleff Rail A/S in consortium with Siemens AG and Siemens A/S.


14 March 2018 The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail signed the DKK 1.9 billion contract with the Siemens Aarsleff Consortium.

The contract consists of design, delivery and execution of the complete 28 km long double track system from Ishøj to Lundtofte through 8 municipalities. All 29 stations on the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail are also to be designed and built by the consortium as well as the complete catenary system and the 27 trains that will transport the 13-14 mio passengers that are expected to use the light rail system each year.


Work begins immediately

Work on the transport systems contract begins immediately and in the next 3 years, final design of the complete light rail system is carried out. In 2021 the first physical work on track and catenary masts will begin.

Aarsleff and Siemens are already cooperating on e.g. the large contract on electrifying much of the Danish rail network.



The transport systems contract involves:

  • Design, delivery and execution of 28 km of double track, including distributing and regulating ballast, building trackwork and points.
  • Design, delivery and execution of all works on platforms, stations, station buildings and power substations
  • Design, delivery and execution of catenary system including mast foundations and masts
  • Delivery of 27 light rail trains.
UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640