Catenary train



The 7 units in Aarsleff Rail's new and advanced catenary train were named Wednesday, December 6th. In addition to two motor units with crew facilities, work platforms and crane, the train consists of four lift wagons - 3 two-axled and 1 four-axled. Central to the catenary train is the catenary renewal machine, which installs the carrier wire and contact wire in one workflow, while simultaneously tightening both wires to the desired value. Sensors constantly monitor that the carrier wire and the contact wire maintain the correct tightening values. 


Jupiter, Merkur, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto og Neptun

CEO of Aarsleff Rail, Thomas Mollerup named the machines at the Køge Nord Station in the presence of employees and business partners. The motor units were named Jupiter and Saturn, the catenary renewal machine was named Venus, the four-axled lift wagon Uranus, the 3 two-axled lift wagons were named Mercury, Mars and Pluto, while a rail-going suction excavator that missed the event was given the name Neptune.


Full program and exciting future

In a speech at the event, Thomas Mollerup said, "It's a tradition that Aarsleff Rail machines carry a name in addition to their formal numbers," and he thanked the employees for giving their input as to which names to choose for the train’s units. Currently the train is busy electrifying the new railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted, and Thomas Mollerup noted that "in the future, there is a possibility of deploying the catenary train on projects in Norway or Sweden."

After the event hot coffee and chocolate was served in Aarsleff Rail's nearby facilities.

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